Sea Freight

  • “Port-to-Port” and “Door-to-door” FCL, LCL, Break Bulk Export, import, transit from/to the whole world
  • Fixing / packing / lashing / reloading / securing services / Cross Stuffing & Transshipment in all main ports
  • Complete customs clearance services at export and import
  • Conventional, break bulk, RO-RO & oversize shipments
  • Online visibility, tracking of shipments through our state-of-art supply chain solution(LOGISWIFT)
  • Insurance of consignments during transportation
  • Competitive rates
  • Onward transit to domestic customs house
  • Direct services to the ports of the Black, Mediterranean and Baltic Seas
  • Not limited to specific carriers, but flexible enough to use various range of carriers based on client’s needs & requirements
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  • Forwarding services in the Caucasus, Central Asia & Middle East
  • Road transportation (door delivery and rail siding)
  • Stripping and stuffing of containers/railway wagons/trucks
  • Complete customs clearance services at export and import
  • Lashing / fixing / securing services
  • Tally and survey services
  • Arrangement of special equipment (Rail Transporter / Low Beds) in case of OOG and Heavy shipments
  • Reloading from Bulk vessels into rail wagons and trucks
  • FTL service from all European countries to Turkey, Iraq, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan & Tajikistan & within the mentioned countries
  • LTL service  from all European countries to Turkey, Iraq, Georgia and Azerbaijan
  • Full Compliance checks
  • Owned and operated lifting and trucking equipment 
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Air Freight

  • Cargo Door-to-Door delivery
  • Cargo Consolidations
  • Multi-modal HUB in Navoi/Uzbekistan
  • Complete customs clearance solutions
  • Maximum control over shipments during complete transport chain
  • Industry solutions (Pharma, Aviation, Oil & Gas)
  • Competitive prices, immediate all-in price calculation without any additional charges
  • Cargo insurance
  • Charter flights and Hand-carry
  • 1st tier relations to Airlines and Aviation Authorities
  • Professional multi-lingual staff
  • Time-defined solutions
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Rail Freight

  • Rail services to/from all destinations in Caucasia to/from ports in Caspian, Black Sea, Mediterranean, Northern Europe and Far East
  • Combined transport services (Road  Rail or Rail  Road) thru different checkpoints utilizing IBRAKOM network throughout CIS and Caucasia
  • Block train services
  • Sea-Rail service from Turkey to CIS countries via Ukraine-Russia or Georgia
  • Improvement of operational safety, reduction of risks & expenses, increase of freight carrying capacity
  • Loading more tonnage with less price per ton in rail service comparing to trucking service
  • Regular rail service from Mersin (Turkey) to Sarakhs (Iran), suitable for transshipment to Turkmenistan
  • Regular rail (Wagon-Platform) service from Turkey to CIS countries
  • Regular rail (Wagon-Platform) service from Iran to CIS countries
  • Customs Clearance Services
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Cotton Logistics

  • We have been providing logistics services to the cotton trade for over 70 years. 
  • We are the leading global cotton logistics service provider with consolidated, cotton dedicated storage facilities of 357,400 sqm
  • Strategic locations, unique and standard service structure provides greater flexibility and efficiency, enabling our clients to reach ever changing cotton markets on time
  • Common IT platform provides single point access to inventory at all locations on real time basis
  • specialised handling and transport equipment as well as storage areas. 
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Project Cargo

  • Utilising our owned and operated heavy lift and transport equipment, river vessels, terminals, ports and warehouses
  • No dependency on any third party, agent and/or subcontractor
  • Flawless Risk assessment
  • Complete visibility through our online tracking system - Logiswift
  • Engineering services through our in-house engineering team
  • Supervision services (at origin, at loading port, at transhipment port, all through the overland transportation) through our HL Specialists
  • Planning and creating the most efficient transport methodology depending on the cargo type and destination
  • Marshalling and warehousing services in our own facilities
  • Extensive knowledge and experience on coordinating the issuance of road permits and/or civil work permits with the authorities
  • Coordinating the execution of road improvement & civil works (when required)
  • Customs clearance services
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Oil & Gas

  • Full service scope, construction, lifting, loading, transportation, storage
  • Civil and construction work for areas that are otherwise inaccessible, including permanent and tempoary bridges, tarmac roades etc 
  • Utilisation of in-house heavy lift and transport equipment, including, SPMT's, mobile cranes, heavy truck etc
  • Team of specialist in-house construction and civil engineers
  • Team of specialist in-house load masters and logistical personnel assigned to the project from start to finish
  • Flexible storage options during transportation should the need arise


  • Experienced in lifting, transport and delivery of abnormal and oversized cargo
  • Extensive experience in shipping, mining, construction and manufacturing industries
  • Specialist owned equipment
  • Custom made lifting and transport equipment, one of the most extensive in the region
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  • Online inventory visibility for all warehousing and logistics activities
  • Dedicated QHSE Managers
  • Use and mobilization of owned lifting & transport equipment
  • Strategic locations
  • Unique and standard service structure provides greater flexibility and efficiency
  • Common IT platform provides single point access to inventory at all locations on real time basis
  • dedicated staff and storage areas

Lifting Equipment

  • Consultancy, heavy lift transportation, erection and transport services
  • In-house engineers, load masters, drivers and heavy lift operators
  • engineering services include lift, load calculations, transport calculations, lashing and securing calculations
  • Convoy planning, arrangement all necessary vehicles
  • Conducting route surveys & analysis
  • Coordinating required road improvement works
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